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In this video I talk about a study technique that we LOVED putting to use during our exam study, because, among other things, it kept our study ON TRACK. We’re talking about what we call — Subject Maps.

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A Subject Map is a document that you make that breaks down each subject you have an exam for into its main topics and sub-topics. This gives you a road map for your study that shows you what topics you need to cover for your exam.

The benefits of having a Subject Map for each exam are HUGE —

  1. You know what topics you need to cover before the exam,
  2. You don’t forget to study topics that you’re likely to be examined on, AND
  3. All of this helps to keep your stress levels down, because you have a plan and you’re organized.

Subject Maps are simple documents that don’t take long to make, but they save you SO MUCH TIME overall.


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