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In this video I talk about one of our absolute FAVORITE study techniques — using past exams.

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Looking at and completing copies of past exams you can get your hands on gives you the best possible insight into what YOUR exam will be like. Short of having a crystal ball, past exams are the next best thing.

In this video I discuss the 4 KEY BENEFITS of using past exams during the course of your exam study:

1 – Past exams will show you what TYPES of questions you can expect to get asked in your exams.

2 – Past exams will give you an idea of the type of CONTENT that will be in your exams. You should notice a pattern of CORE content and PERIPHERAL content in the past exams you look at, and it’s the CORE content that you need to primarily focus on during your exam study, because this is what your exam is going to focus on.

3 – The NUMBER of questions likely to be in your exam. If your exam is going to consist of multichoice questions, looking at past exams should give you a good indication of how many questions you’ll get in your exam. Alternatively, you might see that it has been common in past years for the exam to consist of two essay questions and four long-answer questions. Knowing approximately how many questions and what type of questions you’re going to be asked will mean that you are prepared for what’s to come.

4 – The LAYOUT of the exam. By layout I mean the general form of the exam — how long it is, the types of questions, how much writing space you’re given, etc. Being familiar with the expected layout of your exam will make you even better prepared for what’s to come.

No matter how well (or not) prepared you are for your exams, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you complete at least 2 past exam papers before each exam. It is crucial that you practice APPLYING what you’ve studied before the exam, so that you know how to answer the types of questions you’re going to get asked.

Overall, looking at and completing past exams makes it much less likely that you’ll be faced with any nasty surprises in your exams. You’ll know how to APPLY what you’ve studied so you are able to give the best exam answers possible, AND – you’ll know what to expect in your exams, to the best extent possible.


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