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In this video Clare explains our 5 TOP study tips for high school exam prep. In other words, these are the 5 things that our exam study would be screwed without!

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In this video we go over our 5 TOP STUDY TIPS for high school exam preparation.

It was hard to choose which 5 study tips to focus on – but we think these are the 5 techniques that most helped us get good grades at high school.

Number 1 – Start your exam preparation early.

Lots of high school students don’t get good grades, or the grades they’re capable of, because they simply don’t give themselves enough time to study. So when should you start studying? We think that starting to do some serious exam study about 6 weeks – 2 months before your exams should be enough time to get well prepared.

Number 2 – Use an Exam Study Timetable.

Having an Exam Study Timetable that sets out WHAT topics you’re going to study, and WHEN you’re going to study them, can be an absolute life saver when it comes to exam study. They help you make sure you cover everything you need to before your exams, they keep you on track, and because of this they can be a huge stress-saver. It doesn’t matter how you make your Exam Study Timetable – just make sure you have one and that you stick it up somewhere where you can refer to it all the time (like above your desk).

Number 3 – Study smarter not harder.

A lot of students waste a lot of their precious study time focusing on material that isn’t going to form the bulk of the exam. You should spend your study time on the MAIN TOPICS of your subjects, because that’s where most of your marks are going to come from. Avoid going down rabbit warrens and studying details and peripheral topics that aren’t going to get you many more marks, UNLESS you have time to do this.

Number 4 – Practice writing essays.

For your exams that are going to require essay writing (English, History etc), the only way to properly prepare for these exams, is to write practice essays during your exam study. Practice writing different adaptations of your essay topics so that you’re able to answer whatever essay questions come up in the exam.

To give your essays amazing structure every time – start every essay (even the practice ones!) by making an Essay Plan, and make sure every paragraph follows the S.E.X.I. structure (Statement, Explanation, Examples, Importance). Your examiners will love you for it!

Number 5 – Don’t cram!!!

Cramming is counterproductive. It usually always involves you getting to the point where you’re not actually retaining any of the information you’re trying to stuff into your head. You’re much better off doing QUALITY study. When you feel yourself starting to be unproductive, it’s much better to stop, get a good night’s sleep, and come back to your desk with a fresh mind tomorrow. You don’t need to give the best answers the examiner has ever seen in order to get good grades! You’re much better off giving quality answers for what you DO know, rather than trying to learn everything but not actually understanding it very well.

**** Here is the link to our video about making sure you’re studying for the important stuff – the 90%, not the 2%:

**** Also, here’s a video with 5 tips for outstanding essay writing, which goes over proper essay structure and essay plans in more detail:



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