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In this video I talk about the thing that we ALL want more of at some point during school and certainly when it comes to exam study — MOTIVATION.

Click here to view the video on YouTube

Motivation is something that plagues ALL of us sometimes — so the key is to understand WHY we feel unmotivated, and to have the tricks up our sleeves required to get motivated again.

In this video I have a bit of a general yarn about motivation and what we can do when we’re feeling unmotivated about studying (which we all do sometimes!) to get back on track!

I talk about the main reasons why you might feel unmotivated about studying when you’re at high school, and why it’s important that you identify why YOU are feeling unmotivated. I also talk about the things that can help us find our motivation when we’re suffering from the most common sources of motivation-itis!

I talk about the awesomeness of what we call ‘Subject Maps’ — here’s the link to our video about why they’re awesome: Subject Maps video on YouTube


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