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In this video I discuss three simple and practical study tips for high school’s most hated subject — Math.

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Math is a puzzle and a burden for so many high school students, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re struggling with Math at high school, here are our three top tips for improving your grades:

1. Get your understanding sorted.

If you don’t see the point in math and struggle to understand it, you probably need to invest some time in improving your understanding of its theoretical underpinnings. For instance, do you understand the relationship between a quadratic equation and the parabola graph? Unless you have some understanding of what you’re learning in Math class, it will be really hard for you to trudge through your Math exam study.

2. Complete homework regularly.

Math is very much a subject that builds as the semester progresses. Therefore, if you’re not paying attention or not putting in any effort during the semester, you’ll probably find that you’re completely lost by the time you need to start studying for the exam, and it can be really hard to catch up. Make life easier for yourself and keep on top of your Math homework. This way, by the time of the exam, you’ll already have a lot of knowledge under your belt, and you can spend your precious study time getting better and faster at practice questions, rather than starting at the beginning and having to cram.

3. Practice!!!

Math is absolutely a subject that requires tonnes of practice. The only way to get proficient at answering math problems, is to practice them a lot. By the time of your Math exam, you want to be at the point where you look at a question, and understand what type of question it is and what steps are required to solve it fairly quickly. And the only way to get to this point, is to have practised answering a tonne of questions during semester, and during your exam study.

These three tips are obviously quite simple! It’s putting them into practice that is the key.

If you haven’t got some already, get yourself some good books that are full of practice questions. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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