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The way to get the best results you’re capable of — on a consistent basis — is to approach studying in a consistent way, using the study techniques you have figured out allow you to process and retain information as best you can.

This is why one of the key things we’re trying to do here at The Study Gurus is help high school teens develop a formulaic or systematic approach to studying that is built on the study techniques they have figured out work best for them. As you can appreciate, this isn’t something that’s necessarily easily explainable on our part or easily done on yours, but we’ve all got to try, right?!

To that end, we’ve made the infographic below to depict what we believe is the process of effective studying. We hope it will help you understand what you need (or what your teen needs) to do to get the grades you’re capable of.

The Effective Study Process image

To get the most out of this infographic, if you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out this article on what effective study boils down to, and this article on one of THE most important concepts we harp on about — your Study Formula.


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