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When is the time for your teen to start thinking about reaching their academic potential this year?

Well it’s NOW of course!

Good study habits need to be forged early on

If your teen thinks they can cruise the whole year, and then but be able to pull an A out of their, err, you know… come exam time, then think again.

The students who are going to get good grades this year are going to start the year as they intend to finish it.

That is, they’ll be organised from the get go, and keep on top of things as they come.

Your teen might think you’re insane when you tell them this – that it’s in their best interest to get organised NOW and start studying NOW – but they simply need to realize how much better off they’ll be if they do.

The amount of time, stress, and pure agony your teen will be saved if they study consistently throughout the year (and not just at the end) is truly ginormous.

The best thing YOU can do this week, is to try and convey this to your teen

We all know what leaving something until the last minute feels like.

Not fun. Not at all.

And we’re sure your teen can appreciate this, even if they’re just starting high school.

If you can communicate the idea that their life will be MUCH better if they start studying (or at least complete homework ALWAYS) as soon as they can, then you’ll be doing more than realize.

And the good news is…

Being organised throughout the year takes a lot less time than your teen might think.

Just half an hour of revision of what’s been said in class, and maybe then taking the time to look up what they didn’t understand on the net will take your teen from average to outstanding.

And please don’t let your teen tell you they don’t have time. If doing well at school is something you believe your teen should value, then they DO have time.

Little but frequent amounts of effort multiply exponentially over time

So this week take the lead – help your teen get organised for the start of school this year.

This means getting stationery sorted, having a clean and tidy study desk, and establishing some sort of weekly routine.

That’s all you have to do to give your teen the best possible start to 2012.

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