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What's the best way to study?
What's the best way to study?
As you may very well know, there’s almost too much information regarding studying on the internet.

It’s hard to know what advice might actually be beneficial to your teen, and what is a load of codswallop. (We’ll filter out all the terrible stuff for you!)

In our never-ending search for better advice, we’ve found an article on the Readers Digest website about the findings of a study conducted by a professor of education at the University of Illinois. His findings show that top grades don’t always go to the brightest students.

The draconian way of thinking – that success is reserved for those who topic the IQ scale – is being challenged more and more, and actually being proven to be out of date.

And we think that’s fantastic!

We’ve always believed that success at high school, while related to a student’s natural ability, actually hinges on many other variables that we can control.

The article also validates a number of really important concepts we like to drill home in our articles and resources:

The article has of a number of different study techniques that real students have put to use and succeeded with. Who knows, they might end up helping push your teen towards straight A’s too!


Read the full article here: Secrets of Straight A Students

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