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The purpose of the article below is to provide comfort and hope to your teen around their exam results, particularly if they are disappointed by the results they have just received, and to provide everyone with a bit of perspective, because these results are just one set of out of many your teen will receive over the years. So, it’s really important that we don’t all lose our cool and dive into the depths of despair.

The truth about studying and good grades

Let me tell you a very real fact about being ‘successful’ as a student (but also, this absolutely applies to life as I am sure you will agree). Your teen does not need to get straight A’s to succeed in life. They don’t need straight A’s to get into a particular college or university course. They don’t need straight A’s to pursue whatever it is they want to achieve during high school, or after high school. That’s just not how the world works.

Our Study Smart email course that you signed up to used to be called the Straight A’s email course, but we changed it a couple of years ago, because we didn’t want to be perceived as supporters of the notion that in life getting straight A’s is all that matters.

We believe in the power of education and that helping your teen reach their academic potential can open doors to amazing opportunities. This does not have to involve getting straight A’s.

A personal story…

Chris (who would hate me telling you this), was Dux of his high school (that’s our valedictorian equivalent). Did he get straight A’s at high school? He did not. Did he get straight A’s at med school? He did not. What he did get was overall consistently good to very good grades, because he knew how to study and worked hard. Even for Chris though there are a couple of dark marks on his transcripts for subjects that just… well… didn’t go according to plan! It happens to all of us.

Life is all about ups and downs (yup thanks for the cliché – hang on let me finish) and high school is especially tumultuous! We understand that your teen might be feeling a lot of pressure to do well at high school, but having set backs, I’m afraid, is going to be a normal part of it.

In summary, let’s take a look at the positive points to take away from all of this:

  1. Everyone faces set backs; everyone gets grades they are disappointed about at some point. It’s normal. It doesn’t matter. Focus on the big picture.
  2. You, as parents, and your family, are there for one another, particularly during the disappointments. Your teen does not need to face the challenges of high school alone. Also – we’re here and love nothing more than helping families through study challenges.
  3. Even the Dux or Valedictorian of your teen’s school won’t have a perfect exam transcript. What we’re striving for is a consistent improvement in your teen’s grades based on their individual ability and goals. Anything is possible.

No time to despair. Hit us up with your study questions and let’s power forward.

Clare & Chris

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