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fireworksWe’ve noticed that a lot of parents are asking us about the same issues.

“My teen doesn’t know how to study, my teen used to get good grades but now she’s lacking motivation, my teen gets really stressed out about tests and exams” – stuff like this.

Almost EVERY teen struggles with these sorts of issues at one stage during their time at high school.

Even straight-A-getters.

So what’s the best thing you can do to wrap up 2011?

The very best thing you can do to help your teen wrap up the year – or more importantly, to start 2012 with a bang – is to read the articles on our Studying 101 and Exam Success 101 pages.

There is a LOT of information within these pages, and we suspect that not too many have read all of these articles before.

But now is your chance!

Please take the time this week to have a look at the ones you might have missed. There’s some extremely important information that no teen should be deprived of.

Everything from how to write effective study notes to how to destroy exam-time stress. It’s a real spectrum of stuff, but it’s all REALLY important.

Any parent who actually reads every article could almost call themselves a Study Guru!

Check out Studying 101 and Exam Success 101



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