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Sometimes I can babble on for way too long about just one tiny aspect of studying.

Whilst this can be a good thing when I’m trying to explain something really important, I also think it’s sometimes best if I (try to) keep things short and snappy.

So here’s me trying to be short and snappy –

5 Quick-fire must know study tips for you to relay to your teen:

1. Studying EVERYTHING  is not the answer

First and foremost your teen needs to study what is central to their subjects. There’s no point in them knowing some clever peripheral fact if they don’t understand the crux of the topic.

2. Use past exam papers to prepare for exams

This is one of the best things your teen can do to prepare for exams.

It’s been my experience that year to year, exam papers don’t change a whole lot. Both content and format tend to be extremely similar.

3. Learn what study techniques work for them

It’s critical that your teen pays attention to what study techniques work for them, and what ones don’t.

We all study most effectively in our own unique way. Some of us like writing millions of pages of study notes, others can absorb information simply by reading.

Make sure your teen takes our Learning Styles Quiz if they haven’t already.

4. Studying isn’t always fun

Let’s be honest, most teenagers hardly ever find doing school work fun.

Whilst there are ways we can try and make studying fun, your teen will deal with studying a lot better if they accept that it is going to be hard work sometimes.

But that’s just part of the deal. Anything worth pursuing involves at least a little hard work somewhere along the way.

5. Get organised!

Being disorganized is one of the biggest deal-breakers when it comes to exam success.

Your teen could have the academic potential that the Harvard admissions board is looking for, but if they’re completely disorganized they may as well apply for that supermarket check-out position now.

I find the most helpful thing for keeping organised, is simply to have a home for everything.

Papers for this subject go here. The stapler goes there. My highlighters live in that draw. You get the idea.

How was that? Pretty snappy?

I’d love to hear your take on these ideas in the comments below.


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