What is your learning style?

There are 18 questions in this quiz. Try and answer each one as honestly as you can. If you think more than one option applies to you, just try to pick the one that fits best.


1. If I asked you for directions to your school, you would...


Explain to the person in words how they get there
Write down instructions on how to get there: Left at the 2nd set of lights, etc.
Point, gesture and turn your body while showing what turns they must take to get there
Draw your own map


2. You've decided to start playing a new sport (let's say water polo). How would you like to learn how to play?


By talking with someone who plays the game
By reading through a rulebook
By jumping in and doing it
By watching a video


3. If you weren't sure whether a word should be spelt 'neccessary' or 'necessary' you would...


Sound out the word, either aloud or in your head, and see what fits best
Look up the words in a dictionary
Write both words down on a piece of paper and choose the one that feels right
Try to imagine how the words look and choose the one that looks right


4. You have to give a presentation to your Biology class. What do you do to make yourself comfortable?


Write down the key points and practice what to say again and again
Write your speech out word for word and read it over and over
See if you can come up with an activity or a model of your subject to show to the class
Take along a few diagrams that you can refer to during the presentation


5. You just bought a brand new desk to study on that you have to put together yourself. Do you...


Ask the salesperson to describe to you the best way to build it
Follow the instructions using the step-by step list
Just get into it and see what works, only looking at the instructions if you're stuck
Follow the instructions in the diagram


6. When you take your dog to the vet, you are told it has a problem with its stomach. Would you rather the vet explain the problem...


By talking you through what is wrong
By showing you a brochure or writing down a few points
By showing you on a model
By drawing a sketch


7. You're briefly stumped by a question in a physics test, but you know that you know the answer. Would you think back to...


What your teacher said to you during class
Reading the paragraph in your textbook
The activities that you did in class and how they relate to your question
A diagram from your textbook or maybe one you drew yourself


8. Your grandparents need help setting up their new computer and you've offered to help. What would you do?


Talk with someone or call a friend
Read through the instructions that came with it
Unpack the box and start putting things together
Follow the diagrams that show you what to do


9. If I was going to teach you about mitotic cell division (don't worry, I won't!), you would rather I...


Had a conversation with you about what happens
Gave you a sheet of information that you could read over and make notes on
Have a few 3D models which you can move around to show what happens
Drew some diagrams on a blackboard, or showed you a video


10. You've just studied 'Romeo and Juliet' in your English class. Now you have to do an assignment, but you get to choose the format. What would you rather do?


Read out an excerpt from the play
Write a report
Act out a scene with a couple of friends
Make a short video presentation, or sketch your favourite scene


11. Which of these describes you best?


You're good at remembering words or the melody to most songs
You like reading, and run out of cereal boxes to read while you're having breakfast every morning
You are good at building things and also fixing things when they're broken
You're good at seeing if something is out of place, or are good at jigsaw puzzles


12. You have to explain to a friend how to play the game Monopoly. Do you...


Explain to them how it works and have them ask questions
Show them the instructions
Have them watch a game, or just start playing and see how they go
Get out the board and show them the different parts of the game


13. What happens when you see the following word: U-m-b-r-e-l-l-a


You heard the word, or the song by Rihanna started playing in your head
You read it, understood that it said umbrella, and are now wondering what the point of this question is
You thought of an umbrella opening, or using one in a rain shower
You visualised an umbrella in your mind


14. You're buying a new laptop, and you have the choice of 5 that all cost the same amount. What do you think would influence your decision the most?


Hearing what the salesperson has to say about each one
Reading about the features and technical specifications
Trying each one out
The design and making sure it looks nice


15. When you're reading a fiction book, do you...


Imagine hearing the words in your head, or silently speak the words to yourself
Have the words flow through your mind, and just understand what's going on
Almost feel what the characters are feeling or doing, or become fidgety
Constantly visualise what you're reading


16. You want to make a nice meal for your family. Would you...


Talk over the dish and how to make it with someone
Find a recipe with detailed instructions on how to make it
Make something that you've made before
Look for ideas on the internet, in recipe books or magazines


17. How does your favourite teacher teach?


They give really interesting 'lectures' on topics that stick in your head
They write up notes on the blackboard and do work out of textbooks
They use activities and hands-on demonstrations
They use videos and draw diagrams on the board whenever they can


18. You've been given a group assignment at school. Would you...


Have regular conversations with your group members, either on the phone or at school
Make lists of what every group member has to do before you start
Just let it work itself out as you all go along
Imagine what it's going to end up looking like, and make sure everyone has the same vision