Time-saving Techniques for Students

Many thanks to our guest writer for this article, Michael McPherson. Michael has given us a fantastic quick-fire list of all the things we should constantly be trying to work on. Check it out now: Most articles on this subject will bang on about how you should stay away from social media, the Internet, movies, TV and drink, but the fact is that they are fun activities. If you are productive … [Read more...]

How to Battle Study’s Greatest Enemy: Procrastination (A Student Contribution)

We would like to thank Lojain Al-Ahmary for writing this article. Lojain is an eleventh grade High School student from Dhahran High School, Saudi Arabia. It's fantastic to be able to share a student's contribution on procrastination. It is high school students, after all, who understand better than anyone the reasons why so many of their peers procrastinate. Well done Lojain! … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Study Success Infographic

Sometimes you need to go back to basics to get the most out of your study sessions. Scroll down this graphic and check yourself: how many of these good practices are you following regularly? Source The International Association of Book-keepers, designed by Reflect Digital. … [Read more...]

I’m Overwhelmed – What On Earth Do I Study First?!

One of the BIGGEST contributors to feeling overwhelmed or stressed, is having a long to-do-list, and not knowing what to prioritise. You might have an English assignment due in a couple of weeks, a math test around the same time, not to mention a lab report due the week after, on top of ALL the other things you have going on — extracurricular activities, social activities, and all of life’s … [Read more...]

How To Smash Out 2 Hours Worth Of Study In Just 1 Hour

A lot of the time when students sit down to study they feel like they’re about to climb Mount Everest. A long and painful time awaits them... This is hardly an inspiring circumstance to be faced with. It’s easy to see why a lot of teens are suffering from the motivation blues. Unfortunately, the victim of the motivation blues is almost always productivity. It’s incredibly difficult to … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Study In 2014

With the beginning of the new school term right around the corner, now is the perfect time to sit down with your teen and come up with a plan of attack for 2014. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, your teen will already be half way through the academic year, and exams are always closer than you think. If you’re down in the Southern Hemisphere with me, your teen has a brand-spanking new … [Read more...]

Studying But Not Getting The Grades? How To Find And Fix Your Trouble Spot

As with most things, students tend to sit on a spectrum. The straight A+ students are at one end, and the first-prize-for-most-number-of-absences are generally at the other end. This spectrum is generally directly proportionate to the number of study-hours invested throughout the semester and exam study break. However, there are outliers - the teens who actually DO try hard, DO their … [Read more...]

How To Nail A Science Exam – The Key Is In The Question

‘Describe and explain the differences between the reactions of sodium and water and aluminium and water.’ ‘Discuss the process of photosynthesis.' ‘Explain why car tires become warm to touch after a while.' Don’t worry – I don't actually want to test you on your high school science knowledge. I want your teen see how the clue to nailing a question in a science exam is in the … [Read more...]

Why Simple Essays Are The Best Essays

Developing their writing skills will be a crucial part of your teen's academic success at high school and beyond. At College, it’s very rare that a subject won’t require essay writing. Arts, science – most disciplines will involve written skills in one way or another. And once you’re at College, you’re on your own. You’re stuck with whatever writing skills you developed at high school. … [Read more...]

How To Make Semester Study Count Towards Exam Study

Today’s study technique is to help your teen make their 'semester study' more effective in preparing for exams and other forms of assessment. It will help your teen stay on track during semester as they focus on how what they’re learning in school will be assessed. This technique is something that I’ve only started applying regularly this year, but I so wish someone had told me about it … [Read more...]